Saturday, July 18, 2009

Play Group & Picnic

This is Virginia Laws Heiner,

It has been ages since any of us have seen each other. And a group of us have gotten back in contact through the all amazing networking technologies of Facebook. And would like to send out an invite to all mothers/women still living in Utah out for a playdate/picnic at a park. I have chosen a couple of dates in August they are all either a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday. They are August 2nd,5th,7th,10th,12th, or 14th.

Please contact me via facebook or email to let me know what day best works for you, the majority will rule and with their location so we can pick a park that is somewhat of a middle ground for everyone involved. That would be wonderful. Thank you!

We would also like to maybe continue a monthly get together/picnic until the weather gets cold and then commence again in the spring. I say we try and keep in touch. And all are welcome, you don't have to have kids to join us.

(801) 706-6116

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Email Address

Hello Again! Many people are taking their blogs private for safety reasons. This can make it difficult to stay in contact if you don't know someone's email address. The suggestion was made (thanks Britt!) to add our email addresses to our names so that we make sure to keep in contact.

If you click on someone's blog and it says "This blog is private. Open to invited readers only.", you can send them a quick email, asking for an invite to their blog.

If you're aware of anyone else we should add to our blog, let me know!
Please leave your name and email address.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inspired by the BHS Class of '00 "modern day yearbook", ( we wanted to do the same and get back in touch with our classmates from the BHS Class of 2001. It's easy, just create your own blog on if you don't already have one (it's 100% free and very quick) and then create a link to Please leave a comment on the BHS Class of 2001 BLOG with your first and last name (maiden name for girls) and include your blog site address. We'll add your blog and name to the list of classmates. Also, if you keep in contact with anyone from high school that is not on our list of classmates, please let them know about this site by email or telephone so that they too can be apart of our website. Thanks!